Episode #2

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Watch Barbaroslar Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles with 1080p HD quality on VidTower. Step inside the world of Barbaroslar, a television series with an interesting premise. It seems that long ago in ancient times there was only one city and it had completely enslaved all other cities on Earth; this leave us wondering what would happen if they were to ever break free from their bonds? In episode 2 we get our chance when some people start gathering together against “the oppressor.” The main character gets caught up in these revolts which causes him great anxiety because he fears being discovered outed as someone who isn’t human!

Get ready for the impact

Fire! Throw the ropes! Throw them! Pull the ropes! Pull! Pull the ropes! Attack! Give us the gifts of the Ottoman Sultan and the messenger of the Mamluk, and save your lives! They are the gifts of the sultans. Not for a man robber in the sea like you! I am the sultan of the seas! Come and get your gift from me! So, you are the sultan of the seas. I can easily become a sultan in the seas, where you become a bandit! Then, you will die! Attack! Be quick! Come on! Come on! Come on!

Story of the episode

Being ambushed in such a place… Obviously, we have been betrayed. It is not called betrayal, the great messenger. It is called trade. Go and check Hayrabay. It is betrayal. And it is the worst kind of betrayal! Curse your fate, Master Hayrabay. Bastards! The punishment for betrayal is the cold iron in our ship. Where are you going infidel? I will punish you for the things you did to the innocent ones. You will understand what you get for shedding innocents’ blood. To stop men like you from shedding innocents’ blood… …I will hang you as a sail in this ship. Get up! Get up! Okay, okay. Why are you lying like a dead man there? Spare my life! I hurt no one! Do you think a man should act like in hard times? Forgive me, my bey. I didn’t kill anyone!

Ishak Bey in Trouble

He can swim away easily while you are trying to shoot him! Let him go! Drop it. He is wounded anyway. I don’t think he can reach the land. He should pray for the mercy of Ilyas. His survival is up to the mercy of the sea now. Ilyas brother. I feel like your soft heart will cause us trouble one day. Let’s see. Come on, we lost so much time! Prepare the ship! Hello, Ishak Bey. What are you waiting for with your family here? My brother is coming back today. Oh, it is so nice to hear that. Which brother of yours is coming? Which one can it be?! Hizir is coming! Hizir! Are you doing it to make him angry on purpose? What did I even say? How can Baba Oruc return to Midilli? -So, you’ve come, too, Nikola. -Have a sit, aunty. I’ve also come. I’m here, too. After all, my stepbrother is coming back. Sure. All of Midilli should come here! Actually, we should welcome him with cannon fires! Come over here! Don’t go over here! Come here. Come. When you can’t find anyone, you start to come down on us! There is nothing weird.

Get ready for a big Suspense!

We have been waiting for Hizir for a long time. Yes, dad! When my uncle went to Thessaloniki, I was so little! So, you grew up now? You, rascal! He is coming home anyway. Why have you gathered here? So, you should have waited at home. You were the one, who woke everyone up in the morning for Hizir. But you are quite excited for your brother’s return. Even if you don’t say it, your face is talking. Come on, you talk too much! You’ve already spoiled my mood! Whoever wants to wait should wait in silence. It’s okay. I am okay. Lift it up. Come on. Be careful. I just wanted to make a joke. I almost got crushed under the cargo we carry. I’m sorry Kostas Capitan. I hear that there are rats who pickpocket others recently. I thought you were one of them. Hizir, you have become a good merchant, but… Your strong arm and sharp mind show that… …you are of the Yakup Aga lineage. This isn’t like merchants. How can you be this fast? Whom do I look like then? Well, you look like sea warriors, just like Father Oruc.

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