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Watch Barbaroslar Episode 3 Urdu subtitles HD on VidTower. May Allah bless you, brothers. You too. May Allah make our ship fast and make our swords strong like Zulfikar. Ameen. My Kilic Bey. I hope everything is okay. Let us share everything bad and good alike, father Oruc. I heard that you are going to cut down evil ones. We came to join your levents and become a part of your crew. Pray for us, my Bey the prayer of a ghazi like you will bring us the sharpest sword, and strongest armor.

Oruc Raes Plan to save Ishak Aga

Come on now, safe travels. May your ghaza go well. Ameen. Come on levents. My Aga. We are going on a righteous campaign. I know our duty is not victory, but the campaign itself. The end of this campaign looks good. Only Allah knows when Ishak Aga will die. It’s not possible for us to prolong the life given to him by Allah. But may the bastards who hurt him, suffer by our hands. That’s my only wish from the great Allah. Sir since I couldn’t hear from you this long I thought everything was over. Once we went to see the other side of the mountains, secretly from eldest Aga. You were scared and didn’t come. Everything looked distant when we were small. We went and saw it, Niko. But on the way back, heavy rain started. It was terrible in the last episode.

Hizir role in Barbaroslar Episode 3

In episode 3 of Barbaroslar, We found a cave and hid inside. The rain did not stop, and we kept waiting. And the fear of Yakup Aga got into our hearts. His wrath was worse than Ishak Aga’s. Well You know, Oruc Aga unruly then, too. He wanted to explore the cave. We told him that it was dark, but he didn’t listen to us. Ilyas followed him. Before I could catch up to them Niko Oruc Aga fell after he hit his leg to a tree. Does it hurt, my Aga? No. Let’s go home before it’s late. So my father won’t get mad. My Aga, we are lost. It will take time for us to find the way. Let’s wait for the rain to stop, so we can go. And you can’t walk like this. I can. My Aga, does it hurt? Don’t worry Ilyas Oruc! Hizir! Ilyas! Where are you! What kind of trouble you got yourself this time in BNarbaroslar Episode 3!? Oruc! Hizir Oruc Ilyas. Hizir. Oruc. Ilyas. Hang on tight. You’ll meet your brothers soon. They’ll come here themselves. I’ll send you all to hell. Just come out already. Hear my voice. Allah helps me. Ilyas. Ilyas. Ishak Aga. It’s Ishak Aga’s voice. Ishak Aga. We’re here. Ilyas. Ishak Aga’s here. Come. What’s going? What are you doing here? Oruc Aga sprained his ankle. He can’t walk. I got so scared. A bunch of blackbirds flew over us.

Brothers protect each other in the dark

They kept screaming. I got so scared. Okay. It’s okay Ilyas. I’m here now. Calm down. Calm down. Brothers protect each other in the dark. Ishak Aga saved us from the dark. And now we’ll save him Ilyas. Don’t worry. That’s all father. The tavern’s not doing business. But the deliveries are doing good. We just lost some of our profit. Don’t you have anything else to tell me? Is that right my sweet girl? Yes, father. The pirate whose brother Oruc killed the other day. Poseidon. He kidnapped Oruc’s big brother and murdered his family. And you gave him our ship? I mean, Unita’s ship? Is that right my sweet girl? So that Oruc can go hunt pirates. But Oruc didn’t kill Poseidon’s brother for anything.

Unita Organization

He did it because Unita ordered it. It was a big mistake to give a thug Unita’s ship so he can mess with a crazy man. Unita will make us pay for this. Poseidon is no match for Unita. I think you’re worried for nothing father. You’re right. Of course. Unita, the organization that we’re a part of, is big. Poseidon means nothing next to him. But we mean nothing to my girl. It’s dumb to do something like this without asking Unita. Even the Venice ambassadors in Cairo, Aleppo, and Constantinople are in on this. Venice managed to defeat the Ottoman. Can’t they defeat us? How long have they ruled to the sea of islands? They’re the kind of people who don’t forgive. They are way too powerful. And you talk like you forgot everything. The huge sacrifice we made to be included in it has been erased from your memory. I didn’t forget anything. I remember how you sacrificed my brother to make those mighty men happy. And I know in my mind that you’ll sacrifice me is you have to. Don’t worry. Kalymnos One of Giovanni’s bottles.

Kalymanos Castle

Alexandria Lake Mariott That practice doesn’t work on real people. You know that, right, son? No one just stands there and waits for your next move. I don’t want you to get scared, I am looking for Eyup. That’s why I’m here. Do you know my father? Your father and I go way back. I’m sure he’ll be shocked when he sees me. He’ll come in the evening. So be it. I’m not in a hurry, I can wait. And we can practice with swords if you want. You’ll get to learn how to battle with a moving enemy. Do you know how to use a sword? When I was your age I took sword lessons from very capable hands. My name is Celmund. Do you know what it means? It means “hard rock”, right? Yes. What is your name? Hamza. Hamza. Do you have another wooden sword, Hamza? No. Then we will make due with this. Show me how you hold your sword. Yes. Despite your age you have very strong arms. But being stiff is not always a strength, Hamza. You should think of your sword as a body part. The power of the sword comes from always working and stabbing your enemy in the most unexpected moment. Huh? Now Open your legs a little bit. Your strong leg should be a bit behind. Yes, yes. Back straight. With your back straight. Head high. Look forward, okay? Look across. Well done, Hamza. Attack. How is it? Different from practicing on your own, right? Well done, Hamza. No need to worry. You are too young. Your biggest strength is your agility and speed. Get that traitor! Stop, what’s going on? What’s going on? I didn’t do anything! Let me go! I didn’t betray you. I can explain. There’s no explanation for this, Giovanni. You will pay for your betrayal of Sir Pietro. You will tell us everything. Who is that girl? Sister Zeynep! Adelina! My baby! Sister Zeynep. My dear, you opened your eyes! Thank you, my Allah! My dear, how are you? I’m hungry, very hungry. You are? My baby. Okay. I’ll prepare you something right away. But don’t get up rest. Rest, okay? Your own child will be very lucky. All these children orphaned by pirates are my own. I do everything I can for them, Adelina. Of course, you do. That’s not what I meant. But maybe, since Hizir saved you like they do in love stories your fate might be like the ones in those stories! Don’t forget, Adelina. My fate is this orphanage. And I’m very satisfied with that.

Release Date of Barbaroslar Episode 3: Thursday, 30 September 2021

It’s like my wet nurse raised me to look after these children. They are my world. I belong to them. And they are under my care. Say it, Niko. You’re scared we will get destroyed if we face all those men, right? Please, Hizir. What are you saying? Am I the kind of guy that would be thinking of that in this situation? Yes, I am scared. I’m scared that I’ll die before I get Ishak Aga out of there. No one will die, Niko. Don’t worry. We’ll get my aga and come back. But we have to get there before Oruc Aga and Ilyas. Do you think they heard as well? I am sure they did. Then isn’t it better to fight altogether, Hizir? Why are we in a hurry to arrive before them? We should get there earlier so that we can ruin their traps, Niko. You are right.

Watch Barbaroslar Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles

The fury of my brothers can become a fireball and burn all rocks. But we should get there before them, Niko. So that the fireball can’t blind my brothers and burn their eyes. We are like this weapon. We only have one shot, we have to make it count. Or everything will go wrong. Then let’s pray that the wind keeps going like this. And we can get to Poseidon’s lair as soon as possible. Let’s get there before Father Oruc’s hurricane does.

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