Episode #4

Note: Full Episode of barbaroslar episode 4 will be here before 8 AM. InShaAllah

Overview of barbaroslar episode 4:

The popular Turkish television series “Barbaroslar” has been a huge hit in Turkey and Pakistan. But if you missed the latest episode, don’t worry, we have it for you right here! Episode 4 of Barbaroslar is now available with Urdu subtitles here.

In Barbaroslar Episode 4, The pirate accepts his mission to find Abu Muhammad (the man who saved Poseidon) and starts searching for him. Ilyas feels guilty that he let Yorgo escape but is relieved when Ishaq tells Khizir what happened before in order to set things straight with everyone else. Soon after hearing this news about their missing friend Muhammed being kidnapped at sea while studying stars by himself.

Ilyas goes off on another adventure into enemy territory looking not only for one person or even two people -but rather trying hard just so someone will listen out there as well as fighting anyone brave enough willing stand between us.

Hayrabay realized that Muhammed had been kidnapped and asked for help to save him.

Pietro took Giovanni out of prison, telling the Italian man he believed in his innocence too much to let a guilty verdict destroy any chance at freedom or happiness with family time before going off on some other quest only known because it was important enough not to share how long you’ll be gone but whatever happens to know this no matter what happens I will always love you.

We went back home after hearing from Despina about Hamza missing which made Zeynab worry even more than before since now there were two people close who could get hurt if anything goes wrong so she started looking everywhere they’ve ever played together as well.

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