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There has been a lot of bloodshed in Bethany, Mr. Usman I want peace now can I come in? Sir Come on, Boran. Catalan Bola, Mr The man who gives him orders is Michael Kuss. Michael Koss Let me show you something on Turkish tv.you can also watch in urdu here.

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Certainly, You are so beautiful, God willing. tell me. Are you married no? I haven’t found the right person yet. Of course, no one is worthy of you. Because everyone here is a disbeliever. Shall I not get married to a brave man of the tribe here? Did you see Michael Koss set a trap for Soghoth? Some ran away, some died. He is the only survivor. Their purpose I had to snatch a special guest from me. Pope Gregory

Do you have Pope Gregor? Usman Sahib I’m surprised. I did not know. Sir, are you alright? Don’t worry, Andreas. I am fine Your wound needs healing, sir. We can’t wait any longer. I asked him who he was working for. You should listen too We were ordered to attack you by Tekfor Koss. This is a simple trick, Usman Sahib Apparently someone Wants to bother me with these idiots look at this. If I ordered it I wouldn’t be standing in front of you here.

And Pope Gregor would be with me. This is either Rogatos Or someone else’s ambush. Don’t get caught in this trick, Usman Sahib God does not fall into anyone’s trap, Cuss If we fall Don’t worry about us No, Usman Sahib I just found out that Gregor is with you. How can I make such an attack? You are a smart man, Usman Sahib.

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Everyone in Bethany plans. You know very well You are fine You all take Be an expert in planning. But If this dog is true. You will give an account of it, know this. If I only knew you had Gregor so I would try my best to get it,

Usman Sahib Apparently, they have set a trap for you and me. Don’t get caught in this trap, Usman Sahib Even if the hunter lays thousands of nets. the wolf knows how to get out of them. Neither am I a victim Nor the hunter, Usman Sahib You know that Translation: Woodtower Let me now You have permission, Cos, For now, You have permission Malhon Khatun. Mari loves our carpets. much more. I’d like to buy something if you don’t mind. Happily, Mari. We will be happy Sir, are you alright? Of course, I’m fine. We are going back to the castle.

now. Where are the horses Back? Women Thank you for your companionship. Also, you know that I would be happy to trade with you. Don’t worry about the carpets, Mari. We will meet again no doubt. I like your tribe I will come again We will wait, our doors will always be open. Malhoon Khatun I told Mari that we would make all the carpets but at the moment we don’t have that much. It is difficult for us to prepare them on time. Don’t worry, lady.

We will give the carpets of the Kazal tribe. If they are still not completed, we will seek help from the surrounding tribes. Will we be able to pay on time? If we unite, Of course, we can pay. You are right I know you know the trade well. I say You have to be the boss. We will get it ready on time, God willing Thanks Brother, is there a problem? We’re leaving here, Mari. now. Osman Sahib. The beauty of your tribe is worthy of the chief. Your women took great care of me. I am grateful to you. I hope your brother is happy too.

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Although he came here. This time he saw what he had never seen before. Translation: Woodtower Catalan spoke, yet you let Kosis go, Usman Sahib I want to know, brother. I want to know who is digging the pit for whom. They first wanted to use Rogatos as bait. And now to Kosis. Obviously, they’re playing again, sir. They set traps and blame each other. I say they should weaken each other But in the end, their actions only hurt us.

The wind can destroy only one rock, Malhoon. It seems that every Techfoor is playing behind each other. they want to destroy each other. If we know their weaknesses, we can have more victories, brother. When our enemies are fighting each other. So we will hunt them. Anagul, Harmankaya Belgium And of course Bursa.

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Why can’t there be victory? You are right, sir if we take all the Turks with us and increase your armies If our women work for the prosperity of the tribe. If we strengthen our unity. Why can’t there be victories, Usman Sahib? If this was not the dream of our ancestors, what are we doing at the borders today? You both spoke the truth. You both spoke the truth. But first. We will pursue him like a wolf. We will see and know Who should be hunted first?

Brother, we must find a way to spy on the men of Kos. Do I have permission Sir come on? Sir, did you call me? Let the Catalans go. Let him go, but follow him. Be its shadow. Keep an eye on his every move, Chirkotay When we get the chance We will thunder on them like lightning. Joe Hakam, Mr. We will chase and thunder like clouds. Goktog, tell the soldiers to sharpen their swords. Things can get worse. Get ready for a new campaign.

Joe Hakam, Mr. Hey! get up. Is he dead Probably? If he dies, Techfor Nicola will not leave us. Watch this episode on our website to support us. www.vidtower.com.pk Sir, I and Bala agree that It is difficult for Mari to make carpets on time. If you allow us Call some women for help from the Kazal tribe. You got it right. We need to get rid of it before winter.

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People should not have problems. Sir, is it allowed? come on. Where are you from, sir? He wants to say something. Let him in Osman Sahib. Our tribe. Turgut sir. Nicola attacked our tribe. He slaughtered everyone, including children. He burned our tribe. That bastard. Raise your head What happened to Turgat Sahib? He took Turgat Sahib, the prisoner. We are without Sardar, Usman Sahib Bastard infidel tells me.

Why does Nicola need Turgut? I don’t know, Usman Sahib. I do not know. Bloody cat ۔ For every Turkish blood I will tear his heart. Tell your people. I will get your leader out of the hands of this devil. Buran Excellency Go to Turgat Sahib’s tribe with Kotan. Take some soldiers with you. Help them Joe Hakam, Mr. May Allah be pleased with you, Usman Sahib May Allah be pleased with you brother. Sir Go to Nicola and ask for Turgut.

He will hand it over to Turgat Sahib or I will take his head. Either he will surrender, or I will burn the whole of Anagol. Let him know that I will take revenge for every Turkish blood. All right, sir Wow Mr. Turgat. ! Bravo You proved me right. What did I tell you, Argus? All Turks are the same. These are all very strict temperaments.

Even if you take their lives, they do not become arrogant. Easy, shepherd. Easy. You don’t have to be savage. do not worry You will soon meet your new master. Not with Take a good look I will beat you with my hands. You will see my face one last time. Impossible, Turget Sardar impossible Fujio, take it. Take good care of this gift, keep an eye on it. Mistakes and mistakes Not appreciated. Is not appreciated.

Bloody shepherd, You used to take account of others on your own, Usman Sahib. Now you send a messenger? I am now Sardar Usman. I am Usman who spreads the seeds of the state. What makes chiefs great are their soldiers His messenger, their sisters, And their scholars. I want to create a system in the tribe. A system where all people find peace. Everyone, including Muslims and non-Muslims, will appreciate this system.

And join our community. It should be ready for tomorrow. Only a few parts are missing. It will be ready. Techfor Aya Nicola is waiting for you. Gunduz Sardar, this is a great honor. I like wonderful guests. You know why I’m here, Techfor Nicola. I have brought the order of Usman Sahib. We need Torgat Sardar whom you have taken prisoner. What is your offer for such a precious thing? nothing. Usman Sardar will take Turgat And he won’t give me anything in return? Excuse me.

I like my bloody flesh cooked But this meat comes here like wood every time! Wood As you know, Gunduz Sardar. Not everything we want is available. Techfor Aya Nicola, this matter is important. Turgut B is a Turkish chief! Usman Sahib will die for it, but we will not leave it to you. That is what our morals say. And I assure you that we will abide by these codes of Conduct.

Your morals. Your morals. Gondoz Sardar ۔ You think you are the head of Turkey, but But you can’t protect any of them. tried to kidnap Aziz Mari, the sister of my dear friend Mikhail Koss And will I let him go unpunished? Is that so I will take account of who did this to Mari. Nicola, I’m talking about Usman Sardar. Believe it or not. It’s your choice. This is not my choice. Even if it did, I wouldn’t surrender. No, I won’t I will give Torgat as a gift to Mikhail Koss.

To kill My Shiro! let’s go. Maslow Basha. Your opponent raised his sword. Where is your shield Don’t let your opponent get too close to the spear? As you command, sir Soldiers! The enemy has crossed the line. Nicola attacked the tribe and made him a prisoner. While we were still mourning our martyrs, he gave us more martyrs. When a fire breaks out in a Turkish tribe, my heart burns first. Now is the time for unity, Mr. Gundoz has gone to take Torngat.

If they come back empty-handed The walls on which Nicola relied were torn down. Turks can never be prisoners Sharpen your bloody swords now. As your order, sir. Usman still doubts me about the soldiers. That means, Mari, your brother should move the soldiers. This is what you do best. brother. , And most importantly I need to get Pastor Gregor from Usman as soon as possible. I can’t wait any longer for the emperor. Usman takes drastic measures.

And he’s really determined. It won’t be easy to get Gregor. Will not happen Affandi, news from Aya Nicola. He says he has taken Turgat prisoner. He will send it to you tomorrow. Best.is very important for Uthman, Mari. For some reason, he blames them all. It is said that luck helps strong people. This proved to be true. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. Your wound can’t wait any longer, Master Gregor. Nothing is more important than its safety. Even my soul But if it goes like this They could see my wound long ago. Wood Tower It will always be with us, Master Gregor. I am alive to protect you.

And I hope I will die to protect you. We need to hide it well, Master Gregor. but how? We can’t keep it to ourselves. They can find us. We headed Searched, by Sangor. You stay here Keep an eye on them I will go and tell my chief about it. Go We started seeing each other a lot, Tekfor Rogatos. And every time we look at each other, your pouch gets bigger. You can’t complain about that. Anselmo is not complaining. If we can’t get pastor Gregor, we get something. God is giving us another chance. Aya Nicola has captured a Turkish chief named Turgut.

Turgut is very important for Usman. If we can take it, then you can take your friend, Pastor Gregor. According to the news received from his spies in Nicola’s castle, Kosis will go there tomorrow to pick up Target. I assure you that you will soon have Pastor Gregor, Tekfor Rogatos. Be careful He is the devil. Anselmo is always vigilant, he never underestimates any devil. I will bring you a gift, don’t doubt it. Nicola Koss will visit. Why is that brother He loves Mari? He wants revenge for Mari’s abduction. Why is he doing this?

Apparently, he wants to steal Mari’s heart. Marie is not married, sir. Nicola wants to marry him. so that he and his brother would be united with Kosis. Thanks. Then we have to set a trap to save Torgat. Usman Sahib, Nicola is preparing. I looked at the castle. They are preparing a cage for Torgat. He will soon return to Kos. We are in a place where words fail. Let’s sharpen our swords. We can burn the whole world. for a tear from a Turk. Sir What if it’s part of a trap? They should know that you will not leave Mr. Torgat behind. What if this is a game to attract you?

But Even if it is a trap, we have to find a way and free Torgat. We cannot keep other tribes with us unless we keep them in captivity. They should know that Usman Sahib never leaves anyone behind. Praise be to Allah. – May I come in, sir? come on. We found it, sir. We followed the wounded fox, who led us into the nest. But no one came. Bai Sangor is watching, sir.

The blood has touched the wolves’ teeth. Now they are in our sight. We will cut them at the first opportunity. But first, we have to deal with the problem of

. Then we will invade Catalans. We will, sir. We will. brother Prepare for an ambush. Sha’Allah, sir. Gonja, the carpet is yours. Separate for Eznik and Mari. Don’t worry, Bala. Gokche Help the dumb lady. Do what he says Gokche It’s not something you can handle. You take the women’s clothes to the carpeted place. I will protect the carpets. welcome Nicola ۔ Why did you bother to come here? I was about to send your gift to my soldiers. I’m glad to see you Sweetheart

This gift is so precious that I wanted to take it personally, Nicola. Okay fine. You should have seen him in despair when his tribe was burned, dear. It is nothing compared to that. Your gift is coming. Here is your gift, sweetheart. Look, sweetheart. Look carefully at your gift. See what happened to this wild wolf. It got stuck in the cage. It works very well. He is sitting there like a good child. Wild!. But it’s understandable, right? His tribe was burnt

. His soldiers were killed. It hurt him a lot, sweetheart, Beth. All right, Mr. Turgat? Fortunately, I came to pick up my gift in person, Nicola. Good luck, good luck. Soldiers! Take it I’m grateful to you, Aya Nicola. The road to Harmankaya is divided here. The river ahead of this route is flooded this season. I know this area very well. I rode there many times. But Koss also knows the way. So he will use it like this. You will go to the front. Saltuk, you will attack from the right. As you command, my lord.

Keep your eyes open Marie, keep your eyes on the road. Do you think Usman will attack us, brother? What do you think? Your man gave my name to ‘Uthman. And now you have come in my way like fools. Did you think that we would not take revenge on you? Techforce Cousins. This is the plan of Rogatos. Rogatos bought my man. you know Catalans are eager for money. I was also deceived. I have nothing to do with it. Rogatos wants to use me against you too.

He has offered me a large sum of gold in exchange for Turgut. He is lying in wait for you. If you would like to help us, please watch our episodes at vidtower.com.pk. I need to make good choices to avoid being like that, Tekfor Koss. How can I be sure that this is not Rogatos and your mutual plan. .. against me? You know what, you know

You don’t have to have much information to be able to believe. If Rogatos attacks, you have very few men to fight. Don’t believe me if you risk losing Turgut. Along with Usman, there is another problem. You are lying in wait for me Othman? Osman, certainly. Usman will definitely try to get Turgat back. Usually, we fight for gold, Takfor Kos.

But There is something more difficult than getting gold. That is trust. There is something more difficult than getting gold. That is trust. What do you want, beautiful Byzantine? Remove your hand Why are you doing this Anselmo wants to gain trust, Tekfor Koss. Make the most of this opportunity, Anselmo. For themselves. If we continue like this, they will see us. Let’s go this way.

As there is a risk of flooding this season, no one uses this route. You know Bethany well. There is no other way you can save yourself from the Rogatos trap. Okay fine, We will use the path indicated by Anselmo. Let’s go to vidtower.com.pk Where are they They are not here yet. They will be here soon. be patient. They will come I can be patient but my swords can’t. This silence is not a good sign. It is not. No one is coming, my lord.

They will come Be patient, they will come. Inshallah, my chief. My chief Catalan I have been following them from their nest. They have formed an alliance with Kosas and his soldiers. Then? Koss was not waiting for the Catalans. The soldiers of Koss drew their swords, then they calmed down and united. My boss Koss talked to Anselmo for a long time.

Then they changed their path together. Soldiers! let’s go. My lord! Get ready! We will cross their path. Come with me Techforce Cos Who is Target? Why does Usman want it? This is definitely an important person, everyone is behind it. This is just a Turkish leader, not an important man. Osman and Turkish Laws I want to know why they are behind it. What have you done about it? He is my enemy, Anselmo. I think this explanation is enough for you. What’s going on Anslammo Why did we stop? Techforce Coss Turgut is coming with me, Tekfor Kosis You sold me for Rogatos, right? The only thing you are loyal to is gold, right?

Let Turgat go. Let it go So I can save your life and the life of your beautiful sister. I will never give up! I will not give you what you want! I swear to God I will kill you with my own hands. Don’t be silly The only thing I want is Turgut. Besides you were the one who told me it didn’t matter. Okay, fine Turgat is yours. Soldiers, let them take it.

!Othman Osman Sahib. Kill him! kill him. Come on, soldiers. Marie -brother Marie, come here. Stay behind me Damn it, don’t let it run away – damn it, Soldiers! Go after Torgat B! Go brother Attack Attack! Attack! They are just running away and making us angry. What are we going to do now? We know Where they took Torgat Sardar. let’s go Oh no What should I say to Bala? Make your job easier, ladies What happened here What happened to these carpets? What happened, ladies?

Who did it Tell me how it happened. We don’t know, my superior. No one saw who did it. I’m asking you, Goncha We gave you the carpet. It’s time for the caravan to leave! Didn’t I ask to see them? – Do you do your job like that? My top It happened last night. I was gone I gave you this job. I did not tell you to make excuses Nothing will happen now, lady –

This is just a mistake. This is not a mistake that can be accepted, Malhon Hatun. How are we going to find enough carpets? We have barely collected it. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppies .. We’ll find a way to get it done, ladies and gentlemen. Sir, when we were looking at the Catalans, they were living there. They changed their place. Usman will not let us go. When we have a treasure. He can do anything. You are right, Anselmo. He can never find us here. It was opened.

Tell me, how did this happen? It happened while we were running. Affandi Gregor had fallen. I have seen many people fall. But his wounds are different. The dog’s name is Anselmo If he were a man of coss. Then he would not draw his sword against her. They are wielding their swords against Kosus and Rogatos at the same time. It’s hard to understand what they’re doing. Then, Anselmo, Another trick must have been planned for Kosis, brother. It wasn’t for the sake of it. He also tried to take Gregor from Rogatos. They only care about gold, brother. They obey those who pay them. But soon, I will expose all their tricks. God willing. can I come in? Ander Av, Saltok ۔ Sir, Pastor Gregor is injured. That doesn’t sound right.

How is Pastor Gregor, Kumral Abdal? He has a wound on his arm, sir. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. How is she now I applied ointment? The wound can be healed but I have seen many soldiers, but I have never seen such a wound. A dagger or a sword cannot do that. So isn’t that a wound? Could it have been attacked by an animal? There are no tooth marks. It was opened. So it was opened. Are you feeling better, Pastor Gregor? I am fine. Thank you, Usman Sahib. Maral Abdal applied ointment to you. Your life is our trust.

Well, your job is easy. Thanks. Whose dog are you Why do you stand with me Say, infidel! Speak up I will never forget that face. You will pay the price. I will not forget You chased after everyone in Bethany, Torngat. They love you so much Even the one who doesn’t love much But the one who has more money will get you. I wonder how many of them you are capable of. Were you sold cheap, Torgat? No, no, no. I swear as Torgat Sardar that I will feed you gold. I will send you to hell with them. Tekfor Rogatos is coming Looks like you’ve bothered to find our place,

Tekfor Rogatos. You are a simple man, Anselmo. It wasn’t hard to guess that you could change your location. and put a man on your trail. See it. what’s this? Dirt My precious sheet is in the dust. but why? I knew it would happen. But why did I come here on purpose? What do you think? Anselmo apologizes for that.

My men will clean it up immediately. Well, is so precious that messing up your precious clothes? I must be in my castle now. should be in my hands and my clothes should be clean. Why is Torgat here? Why did you bring him here? Because I think I have underestimated its value. Techfor Rogatos. So I will keep it with me. I’m watching. I think I traded at a lower price, Techfor Rogatos. So, I’ll put it in Turgut. Understood.,

۔ Bring back Translation: Woodtower A gentleman always sticks to what he makes. You owe this bag of gold. Buy some nice clothes for yourself with this gold. You wear terrible clothes. Just think I personally want to give good news to Usman Sahib. Do I have permission Sir come on? Sir, Belgium’s Tekfor Rogatos has arrived.

He wants to meet you. I will talk briefly, Usman Sahib When I first came You said you didn’t know where Pope Gregor was while he was in your tribe. Now you and I know the truth. You said you would talk briefly but you are constantly talking. tell me. We are now in an equal position. I did not come here empty-handed to ask for Gregor. I have something valuable for you.

If is as precious to you as I have heard. Bring Pope Gregor to Kakarji tomorrow afternoon. Because he is not important to me. If you don’t come, he will die. Watch this episode on our website to support us. www.vidtower.com.pk So it was Rogatos who was working with the Catalans. They beat him. Call a jirga of chiefs, we will talk about this issue. Joe Hakam, Mr. Harmankaya Fort. Tell me, brave. What news have you brought from the Qai tribe? Did Uthman get it? no, not yet. Usman Sahib could not take Turgut.

Don’t worry, he’ll get it. what is the meaning of this? Techforce Cousins. If he is not with Usman It should be next to Rogatos with Insalmo, the seller. In this case, Roga In that case, Rogatos would take over and get Gregor. And if that happens I will fall in the eyes of the emperor. Terribly, I will perish. If you get Turgut by giving Pope Gregor Your enemies will think that Usman is showing weakness. If you don’t While a Turkish chief is in the hands of an infidel You will fall into the realm of tradition. You are right, my Sheikh We have no better way.

This is a difficult situation. But when Sultan Izz al-Din was in Byzantine captivity Barke Khan brought an army from across the river. and stood firm in front of the Byzantines. Certainly ۔ On Monday, Sartik ordered them According to tradition, a Turkish sultan should not be a prisoner. This is a difficult situation. Showing weakness in the eyes of the enemy or leaving a Turkish chief in the hands of the enemy? This is a difficult decision. Nothing is easy for us, my Sheikh. Nothing is easier. I am a witness that you stand with the truth, Usman Sahib Whoever walks on the path of truth, his destination becomes easy.

What does Allah command in Surah Al-Sharh? In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Didn’t we open your chest? (1) And did not take away from you that burden which had bent your back? 2-3 And We have raised your remembrance. (4) So of course with every difficulty there is ease. (5) Yes. Of course, with every difficulty comes ease. (6) So when you are free, worship. (7) And set your heart on your Lord. (8) Surah Al-Sharh Amen, by the command of my Sheikh,

Amen Allah. I will keep the traditions I will bring Turgat Sahib from them And finally, I will not leave Pope Gregor with them. InshaAllah, Usman Sahib. God willing I will not ask how and will not think. I know that some of the work of the chiefs is done in secret. Astaghfirullah, my Sheikh.

You enlightened my heart with your great words as always. And you also refreshed me with your freshness. May Allah is pleased with you Insharah, sir It means the same thing you said in your own language. Mashallah. Your guest has arrived, above Translation: Woodtower Welcome, Marie ۔ Thanks, Bala Khatoon ۔ Looks like you came to see the carpet.

The carpet box is on this side. Let’s go Before I look at the carpet I want to talk to you about an important issue. Speak up What is it, Mari? The sheath of the dagger which I gave to. Are you the owner? Total. I helped Turgut escape. This sheath in your hand of the dagger I gave him. He ran away because of me. Why? I wanted to hand over Turgat to you but it didn’t happen. I wanted to tell you this. I would be happy to tell Usman what I told you. Thanks, Marie. Don’t worry I will personally tell Usman Sahib. Come on, let’s go to the carpet. You look better, Pope Gregor Are you still in pain Thank you, Usman Sahib. I’m not in pain. I think my wound is healing. Since your wound is healing, you can get ready. You will go to Rogatos.

How did it happen Andreas Did something special happen when I was unconscious? Everything was the same here, Affandi Gregor. Apparently Techfor Rogatos did it all. Absolutely. We are getting rid of this hell, Affandi, that is the important thing. It’s so beautiful. It’s like a picture. This is the skill of our women. Their color is never inclined. Their wool is well dyed. Top lady I want to decorate Harmankaya Fort with your carpets. glad to.

Think about every possibility, I don’t want any trouble, Theodore. We have warned the soldiers, sir. Othman. Even if he gives us Gregor, he will definitely play a game. You will be vigilant. When we return to the castle with Gregor We will use the oldest route. It is a long way but it will save us from possible troubles.

The place of exchange is also important. Put your best man there. Anything can happen. The order No matter what he plans to do, he won’t be able to get Gregor. Thanks for keeping the promise. I hope we can make friends again which is still broken. God knows, Rogatos. Maybe one day. Are you alright sir Are you in pain let’s go. Let’s go to the tribe, Kumral Abdal will take care of you. Bring Mr. Torgat’s horse Thank you, Usman Sahib. My life is indebted to you.

Thanks. But Stay out of my way from now on. I don’t want your help Your tribe is yours, my tribe is mine. Your enemies are your enemies, my enemies are my enemies. Don’t face me again Don’t come between me and my problems, Usman Sahib. Stay in your limits We have to cut out his tongue. Brother, all this pain and suffering Our chief tried hard to get the pastor. And because of a rebellious leader You will settle down, Mr. Torgat. Now you are burning the place you touch But when your fire cools down. when you calm down. we will be united. God bless you, Rogatus. May he always love you.

Thank you, I am no longer in Uthman’s hands. Don’t think about it You will be tired Get some rest. We will have time to talk. Your arm Did ‘Uthman do anything to you? It doesn’t matter. It was just an accident. Our leaders are alive.

Thanks. May Allah keep you with us. Thanks. Thanks. May Allah be pleased with you Hello, my lord. Are you alright sir How did Nicola set you free? Don’t worry about me. * How is my tribe? -Okay, thank God. We lost a lot of things but But you took care of the tribe. Thank you very much. Thanks to Usman Sahib, he did not leave us alone.

They tried hard. How did you escape my son It’s confusing. Usman Sahib helped? Yes. Thanks for that He is a brave man. Don’t forget, Kat Alp. If Usman Sahib had not stopped us, none of them would have happened. It’s time for revenge. Nicola, We will kill them all.

Sir The sun does not die, the chiefs do not give up. We will not have peace before we take our revenge. Don’t forget The state is written in your destiny. fill your spoon with sugar and syrup Go to sleep, my children, go to sleep Sleep my baby, sleep Got it, you can’t sleep. ! Who do you think did it? I don’t know, Malhoon lady. Put my Orhan to sleep.

Your face was telling another story, when Bala Haton was talking to Gonja I don’t understand, Mahlon. Malhoon lady, what are you doing? What color is this, Gokche? I’m asking you You cheated, right? Malhoon Khatun I You swear you will never do that again get out of! I don’t want to see you Now I am going to tell you something.

what happened? Is it bad, sir? Be patient, Damir Ji, be patient. What’s up, Usman? I will tell you something When? You will all see when the time comes. Those who want to go can go whenever they want. Their ways are ready. Whoever wants to come can come whenever he wants. We have plenty of space. Know this May i come in come on Welcome, Pope Effendi

Go to sleep now You and I will have a long talk tomorrow. I have nothing to talk to you about. Don’t stop your men, let them end this imprisonment We have never drawn our swords to you Except for the things that put your life in danger, Pope Effendi. If I were you, I would pray that we would keep you in prison for a long time. Because you will never be safe Unless you are in our tribe.

Rogatos is my friend. And he is one of my righteous. This is not the real world. It has thousands of colors, Pope Affandi. Now go and get some rest. I will talk to you tomorrow – Sir, is this a good thing? -it is. Pope Affandi thought that our tents Better a poor horse than no horse at all. He thought it would be safer for a cow to stay behind our shields than behind iron shields. He saw that the truth was with us. So we will host it well. All right, sir. We will host them well. Thanks. You can go brother. Wait I want to tell you first. I have seen many ex-servicemen but I have never seen such a wound.

It does not seem to be a dagger wound or a sword wound. A sword or a dagger cannot do that. It was deliberately dug up to put something in it, sir. To put something? Kumral Abdal is a talented healer. He will heal you. do not worry. Your life is in our safety. Keep relaxing Open your ears and listen to me Pope Gregor is hiding something in his tent. Something very important. Bleeding yourself is very important. There is a Bible in the tent. Go there secretly and take it. And put it in its place.

Tell them who did it. As your order, sir. Well thought out brother Well thought out But Usman, what is this? I do not know I don’t know yet But he came back for it and put it under his skin. It must be very valuable. Soon we will know how important this is. He puts it in his wound and comes back. Although he survived. This is very important without any doubt, Usman Sahib. But if it is important to the pope, it is important to others. If this is important to others, you know, Usman. This means that they will attack us by force. I know, brother.

But it will not stop me. If they attack us as hard as you said then we will bury them all and will soak their graves with their blood. Vidtower Ignus gave. Jesus Christ. I wish my mind was playing with me. I can’t believe we had to go back to hell. With our own feet. Your trust is our trust. do not worry Othman Affandi Gregor. Even though we hid it from our eyes You almost lost your life to protect it. I do not understand.

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